Sunday 1 March 2015

Welcome to 80 From the 80s

Welcome to the first chapter in a new project 80 From The 80s. The idea is to take 80 movies released in the 1980s and chart their production and release history, adding background details and facts, along with analysis of their box office performance.
The series will take in all manner of movies, covering a variety of genres, actors and directors. The ultimate goal is to create a brand new book that takes in all 80 essays. Not every film choice will make sense, and there will surely be classics that wont make the cut, but I hope everyone will find something of interest. This isn't a best of the 1980s, rather a collection of movies that entertained.
The idea came about when I was watching Beverly Hills Cop at the Astor Theatre recently. It occurred to me that unlike today, when every single detail is known about a film prior to its release, little was generally known about the stories behind movies back in the 1980s. Only the bigger releases generally got a 'making of' and they were rarely seen outside of Starlog, Cinefantastique and the like. 80 From The 80s hopes to go some way towards rectifying that situation.
The project is anticipated to take around three years to complete, and I aim to try and finish a new essay every couple of weeks. At the end they'll be compiled into a book - hopefully both print and digital versions.
80 From The 80s won't be a film review guide, but will offer an insight into the films you loved and a desire to see those you haven't.

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